Finding a relationship before you come out

While society as a whole is becoming more welcoming of gay, lesbian and transsexual people, not everyone is lucky enough to live in an area where they can be open about their sexuality. Here are some ways to pursue your exploration of your sexuality from a remote location.

Online resources

There are many online resources such as video blogs and journals from other people who have also been through a similar journey of exploring their sexuality. These can be a useful source of background information about how different people approach the issues of coming out. However these resources can make some people feel even more isolated if they don't feel able to come out yet. They can misrepresent the overall lesbian, gay and transsexual communities by focusing on the more confident and open end of the spectrum, so it's important to realise that these are people who have already come through their journey and they may have started out in a less open and confident emotional place.

Pornographic materials often feature extremely attractive and excessively proportioned bodies.This may also be isolating and can increase your insecurity about your body.  It's important to remember that in real life people come in all shapes and sizes, and have fulfilling adult relationships regardless of appearance.

Live phone chat

Live phone chat can give you a chance to have a real and personal connection with another person. Live phone chat has different focuses, but some phone lines are dedicated to people who won't meet but would like an ongoing erotic phone relationship. This can be great for people who want a personal connection but are not ready or able to meet with a new partner to explore their sexuality further. Why not try calling a live phone chat and see if you can find a fun, sexy chat companion for the night?

Meetup groups

While you may not want to approach people in your local community, there are often meetup groups in the larger metro centres run by not-for-profit groups that service transsexual, lesbian and gay communities. These can be a good way to meet people in real life who are already exploring their own sexuality, and you may be able to meet people who while not living in your exact location still live in distance that is a reasonable transit for regular visits.  Why not head online and find a meeting at a time you might be able to arrange a trip to the big city?

Depending on your free time and budget there are a range of ways to safely explore your sexuality in all its dimensions.

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